Computer Lab

Access to CIS Department computing resources are a privilege granted to faculty, staff, and students. The Department reserves the right to limit, restrict, or extend these privileges.

The following regulations apply to all computer equipped laboratories / classrooms in the CIS Department. Individual discipline related labs may have additional rules that apply only to that lab.

  1. Computer labs / classrooms should be used for academic related activities only.
  2. No food or drink is allowed near CIS lab computer equipment
  3. Amarillo College buildings are no smoking facilities; all other tobacco products are also prohibited in computer labs.
  4. Cell phones should be off or on vibrate in all computer labs, students may not talk on cell phones inside CIS Department Computer Labs.
  5. No children are allowed in department computer labs.
  6. Computer equipment should be used in a responsible, non-abusive manner.
  7. Any malfunctioning equipment should be reported to a lab assistant or supervisor
  8. Students should not tamper with any system configuration nor disconnect machines from the network.
  9. All college equipment and supplies should be left in the lab.
  10. Installation or Modification of software on lab computers by students is forbidden.
  11. Federal and state laws concerning copyrights apply to all software on lab computers.
  12. Students are restricted from connecting any personal devices to access the Amarillo College Local Area Network through network connections in the labs.
  13. Student users are responsible for their own accounts; therefore, they should not give their passwords to others or allow others to use their assigned accounts. Students are responsible for logging out of their own accounts.
  14. Storage media brought into the lab by students must be scanned for viruses
  15. For security, maintenance purposes, and enforcement of this policy, students should expect NO PRIVACY when using any lab computer

Failure to comply with this policy will result in a preliminary warning. Subsequent infractions will result in loss of lab privileges and campus disciplinary action. Any complaints should be voiced to the Department Secretary (Byrd Room 323F) or the Lab Administrator (Byrd Room 202C)

Created by Sebastian Hernadi ©2012