An interview with David White, CIS Graduate

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John Adamchak, Computer Programming

The Amarillo College CIS Department was a great start to my college education and to my career in information technology. The CIS Department helped me to gather a skill set of Unix shell scripting, programming fundamentals, relational database fundamentals and web development that I use on a daily basis.

Dorthy Sparks, Computer Software and Networking

The CIS Department at Amarillo College has a wonderful program. The instructors have an extremely wide knowledge base. You learn life skills as well as a vast array of computer concepts. Thanks to CIS Department, I have been able to advance in a career that I enjoy.

Rebecca Archer, Computer Programming

Since being part of the CIS Program, I have gained self-confidence and honed my problem-solving skills. I learned to look deeper into the problem - to dissect it and break it down into manageable portions for solving. I use these skills every day in my job and would not trade the knowledge I've gained for anything

Amanda Johnson, Electronic Systems Networking

By attending AC, I have gained confidence and strength in the career that I desired. In this field, the experience I gain will keep my climbing the ladder for a better salary and future success.

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